Heptagon is a productive and innovative platform where users can participate with their decentralized wallets and make their transactions using Hepta Token.

People can play games such as Bowling, Table Tennis and also they can be players in the game!

Heptagon provides users not just to play games but also gives users opportunity to be players in the game.

The opportunity that the platform provides users ”To participate in the world’s first Virtual Championship, is the uniqueness of the Heptagon Metaverse!”

Watching matches in a tram, a bus, or on a sofa, as if you’re in the Stadium is a game-changer feature of Heptagon Metaverse!

Moreover, people that join Heptagon Metaverse create not just their art by minting NFTs but also they can build their own NFT Market and produce their own Tokens and sell their products with the Tokens they produced!

In a word; A platform where people can do all transactions and participate in all sections using Hepta and be rewarded by Hepta!

Heptagon is creating and building a new one that can attract people all over the world!

Sports Fans, Crypto-Currencies and Blockchain enthusiasts, and Metaverse lovers will be gathered under a roof!

The heptagon Metaverse is the new way of Life!